The bitch in the corner office

Have you worked for her? I know I have.  She’s the one who doesn’t get along with other women very well.  Throws her weight around every chance she gets.

She trusts no one. She does not make friends easily.  She is MEAN. Yet she is in charge.

How do these really nasty people get to be in charge? Do they just SCARE their superiors into promoting them? Continue reading

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Networking the right way

Continue reading

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3 ways to keep stress in check

Whether you are a senior level executive or a professional just embarking on a new career, there is no question that stress will at some point play a major role in your life.

According to experts at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, stress is linked negatively to physical and mental health, which is resulting in widespread job burnout and depression levels never before seen in the workforce.  Continue reading

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Ten ways to reward employees

In times of a bad economy, when raises aren’t as high as employees would like, and job growth opportunities might be temporarily “frozen”, having a strong, effective recognition program in place can go a long way toward “tiding over” your most valuable employees.  If you don’t yet own the book 1001 Ways To Reward Employees, get it now.  This book gives several examples (1001, to be exact) of potential rewards you could implement, and a large portion of those examples are actually rewards that cost nothing, or very little. Continue reading

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Service Level Agreements NOT just for IT department

You are probably somewhat familiar with the concept of a “service-level agreement”, which give you some idea of what kind of response you can expect from a service organization.  For call centers/customer service organizations, service level agreements are really a “must have”.  However, if you are the manager of a department in an organization – ANY department, and ANY organization – you too have customers; even if they are internal customers – and you should look into creating a “service-level agreement” for them. Continue reading

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